Zippo Hand Warmer Review

The cold quite honestly sucks and here in the UK we are forced to live with this type of weather most of the time while other parts of the world enjoy year round sunshine. Not being able to solve this problem we have instead come up with a solution to keep even the coldest of hands and fingers warm in the winter months.

The Zippo Hand Warmer is from the same guys who make the world famous lighter and uses the same fluid / fuel as well. This version it’s good to report has no flame, so no nasty burns will be inflicted on whoever you give this too and each refill will last around 12 hours.

The expert design of the Zippo Hand Warmer means that this little handheld warmth machine will produce up to 10 times more heat than rival products.

Turning this thing on is a really quick process and is quicker and warmer than trying to stick your gloves on. To work it you simply need to remove the lid, light the flameless burner and once the indicator shows red it is ready to go.

So if you are looking to treat someone who is always saying they are cold or you are that very person, the Zippo Hand Warmer might just be the answer!