World’s Largest Coffee Cup Review

World's Largest Coffee CupIt’s just fact that most humans need a vast amount of tea and coffee everyday to simply keep on going with daily tasks like work etc. The problem with this is that trips to the kitchen eat up time, but now thanks to this Giant mug you can get your daily amount of whatever you fancy in one single sitting!

When they called this the worlds largest coffee mug they were not joking. Trust us this thing is huge and from side to side it measures a massive 33cm wide. Thats over a foot in most peoples language!

The cup is made from porcelain and will hold around 20 regular cup fulls of liquid. As you might expect it’s also heavy (well for a mug) and totals in at approximately 4.67kg.

Handy to know too that it’s dishwasher safe. We have been informed it should fit most machines, but will take up a little extra space than other mugs!

Last but by no means least yes the guys eyes in the photo do twitch. So would yours if you drank that much coffee in one sitting!