Wine Handbags Review

Wine HandbagsWine and Handbags have to be top of the list for things most women cant get enough off. So when the female half of the Gift Reviews team saw the Wine Handbags, you can imagine they went a little bit hyper and insisted we add these!

OK so what we have here is a designer style bag that looks great, but to be honest it’s the wine inside that will get you and your friends really excited.

Available in 3 types being red, white or rose wine, each bag comes filled with 1.5 litres of yep you guessed it, wine! As you can see by the photo a handy tap like contraption has also been fitted so you really can have wine on tap!

It’s important to state too that inside is no cheap muck. Oh no what you will find is some of the finest wine available which has been sourced directly from top French wineries.

The Vernissage Wine Handbag is the perfect gift for that special wine lover or simply buy one for a party or movie night in with the girls (or boys, hey it’s 2013!)