Voodoo Knife Block Review

If you are looking to treat someone who loves being in the kitchen or likes gifts with a twist, they don’t come much better than the super funky and stylish Voodoo Knife Block!

These blocks have been designed by Raffaele Iannello and are made from super strong ABS plastic, so will take the rough and tough of everyday life. Inside the box you will also be presented with 5 high quality stainless steel knives.

On a personal note about the knives we thought it was worth a mention that a couple of the gift reviews team have had the Voodoo Knife Block for over 3 years now and still today the entire selection of 5 knives still look just like new. All have no rust or any other nasty markings and stay sharp for a lot longer than any other blades we have owned before. Usage also comes from teenagers, so if this is not a true test we don’t know what is!

Adding style to any kitchen, whatever the design.

Depending on kitchen colour schemes or quite simply the recipients person taste, these voodoo knife blocks come in a range of colours to suit everyone.

Current Voodoo Knife Block colours

  • Chrome
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Aubergine
  • Olive

One reply on “Voodoo Knife Block Review”

I just wanted to leave a few words incase it helps anyone who is looking to buy one of these knife holders.

I’ve had the red voodoo knife block myself for about 2 years now and after alot of use and abuse from the whole family it still looks great.

Expecting the knives to not last more than a few chops, Im more than impressed that still today they are just as sharp and shiny as the day they came.

ive just ordered the black version for my brother and his wife and hope that their voodoo has just as good life as mine has had!

Thanks Nicci