Todka Vodka Review

Todka VodkaMade in Newquay, Cornwall, Todka is Vodka, but not as we know it! This stuff still contains the good stuff, but the humble spirit has been blended with a number of different flavours which takes the drinking experience to a brand new enjoyment.

Choosing from Banoffee, Hazelnut or Toffee, the Todka Vodka makes what is normally a not so nice spirit wonderfully tasty. All this which includes a fiery kick at the end for added enjoyment!

You don’t just have to drink this stuff though. Ideas suggested so far include adding it to ice cream for a pudding with kick to making an adults only milkshake that rocks!

Each bottle of Todka Vodka contains 70cl and has an alcohol content of 26% vol. So it’s safe to say leaving the car at home when drinking this stuff is a must!