Ticker Watches Review

Ticker WatchesWrist watches can get damaged pretty easily and looking at how much some makes and models on sale cost, this could hurt big time. Well now thanks to the Ticker range you can have a watch that looks great, is almost indestructible and costs less than a tenner!

Made from super strong material, Ticker Watches have gone back to the drawing board and re invented the watch as we know it. By keeping things simple means that they have produced a choice of watches that come in six designs and colour options. All include a digital read out which shows the current time clearly. Going further into detail they have designed the watch so the buttons to change the time have been hidden so they don’t get in the way.

Ticker Watch design choices

  • Dots Print
  • Leopard Print
  • Plain Green
  • Plain Blue
  • Plain Yellow
  • Stained Glass Print

So if you are looking to buy someone their first watch or simply want a cheap, but great looking one for you or someone else, the Ticker Watch range should fit the bill.