Tetris Light Review

When it comes to coffee table or general round the house lamps, most are quite honestly rather boring and are only their to serve the purpose of giving us light!

Well this problem we think has be solved and it’s comes kicking and screaming all the way back from the 80s. Ok so we might not be old enough to remember those days (ok thats a lie!) but whatever your age you are sure to have played the rather addictive game that we all know simply as Tetris.

The Tetris Light is powered by mains power and is low voltage. This is great as it will not cost an awful lot to run and at the same time is totally safe to touch.

What we like best though is the fact that all the components come apart. This allows you and your visitors who nip round the chance to fiddle and rearrange the layout.

In the box comes 7 different colour parts and all the bits including mains plug come supplied. So you can take delivery and start playing right away. If you are looking to buy this as a gift it’s worth noting that the Tetris Light can be ordered with a UK, US or EU plug fitted ready to go. Perfect if you are sending this gift overseas to someone.

All we have left to say is that we would order 2 of these. Reason being is once you have taken delivery you will want one for yourself!

Lets just say I’m talking from experience here!

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