Tetris Alarm Clock Review

Tetris Alarm Clock

We can hear the Tetris theme music as we write this review and you or whoever is lucky enough to take delivery of this alarm clock will too.

This Officially licensed Tetris Alarm Clock has been packed with Tetrimino features that include a large screen which shows off numbers in a block style while the front of the clock has Tetris themed buttons to update and control the features. Also included is a back light for easy viewing at night and in low light conditions.

A cool feature we love is that when the time changes the numbers on the clock fall away just like in the game itself. For many though the best bit is the Tetris music which will start to play when it’s time to wake up or simply whenever the alarm is set to go off!

It’s like being back in 1984 when the game we all know and love was launched. This has now got to be the only way to start the day!