TanSafe Container Review

TanSafeChilling out at the beach or laying round the pool while on holiday is most peoples idea of bliss. Sadly though a small selection of the human race gather around these areas looking for valuables like mobile phones and iPod’s to steal.

One option would be to leave all this stuff at home and endure a boring holiday cut off from music and texts or you can get sun smart and buy a bottle of Tan Safe.

The TanSafe container is both shaped and around the same sort of size as a regular bottle of sun cream, but this one wont help you against looking like a red lobster. Instead it is big enough to store items like keys and other valuables in with the idea that thieves will simply see it as a bottle of sun tan lotion and move on to someone else that is less careful with their belongings.

To make this mini holiday safe even more realistic they have taken time and care to print a 100% realistic looking label with the usual sun cream wording you would normally find.