T-Shirt Folder Review

T-Shirt FolderDoing laundry is one of those nasty jobs that 99% of the population hate having to do. The options include simply getting on with it or just throw all your washing in the draw unfolded. The last option is great if you want to look a mess when you go out!

Forget all the above though as you can now have folded and smart looking t shirts, but in the fraction of the time it would take to do it the old way!

The T-Shirt folder is made by those smart bods at Suck UK and along with speeding up the folding process it also ensures perfect results each and every time you use it.

Working the t shirt folder is a piece of cake! Simply lay it out on a clear table, place your t-shirt on top and then follow the simply steps printed on the template.

The end result is a folded tee just like how your mum used to do it!