Star Theatre Planetarium Review

Looking up at the night sky is something most of us love doing, however many locations including the UK are more times than not effected by demons including cloud and light pollution which make this cosmic experience impossible.

Not wanting to give up a solution has been created and this means you can now view the stars from the comfort of indoors and the conditions outside no longer matter.

This gem is known simply as the Star Theatre Planetarium and using LED light technology will beam 10,000 stars onto any surface including ceilings and walls.

Looking at the specifications of this unit gets us rather excited if we are honest. This is because you soon learn that the Star Theatre Planetarium uses the same lens as commercial units. So you can imagine that this will deliver simply the best star gazing experience and will not disappoint whoever sits back and watches the show!

If the above wasn’t enough you can also alter the settings so that it will project shooting stars at random intervals.

Everything you need to get going including the slide discs which project the stars, UK 3 pin mains power lead and operating instructions come in the box.

The Star Theatre Planetarium also comes with free UK delivery.