Spray Chalk Review

Spray Chalk

When the details for the spray chalk hit our email inbox we have to admit that it smelt as if an early April fools joke was being played on us. The good news is though it wasn’t and in fact this gift is 100% real.

You can choose from six different colours and each can of Spray Chalk holds 150ml of the sprayable chalky good stuff.

The Spray Chalk is made in Germany so you know it’s going to be good and is great for kids and adults of almost all ages. Compared to regular spray paints, this stuff can be sprayed on almost any surface without the worry about damage or having the police come after you! As this is chalk it’s also a lot safer to use and of course the best part is the Banksy you give this gift too can practice their art, but as it’s washable it wont land them in trouble.

The Spray Chalk has many other great uses and the best one we can think of is using it on grass to mark out football / sports areas. Jumpers for goal posts are no longer needed!