Sparkling Gold Cuvee Review

Sparkling Gold CurveeIf you are looking to add a touch of bling to a party or you simply want to treat someone to more than just a bottle of wine, This has to be the option to go for!

The Sparkling Gold Cuvee from the start is a pretty damn good quality wine, so that’s great. But to make it even better they have gone and added tiny specs of edible 22 caret gold which looks truly amazing. It sort of reminds us of a snow globe we had when alot younger!

With the Sparkling Gold Cuvee you are continued to be spoilt further. This is because a number flavours can be selected. These include Rose, original and strawberry versions. Also depending on your requirements you can choose from the smaller 200ml option to the much larger 750ml bottle. All are sure to impress and as with all wines these are best served chilled.