Sound Asleep Pillow Review

Sound Asleep PillowListening to music while in bed is a great way to drift off to sleep, but wearing headphones in bed is a massive no no in the laws of comfort. The only other option would be to have a stereo next to your bedside, but you can bet your other half or members of the household will soon get pretty annoyed with this option.

Well forget all the above and say hello to the Sound Asleep Pillow. This great invention allows you to plug in most types of mobile phones and music players which will then play your tunes directly through your pillow. The great part, except for it also being rather comfy is that only you can hear what is being played. So no upsetting your Mr, Mrs or whoever might be in the local area!

The Sound Asleep Pillow comes in two designs depending on your budget or needs. The Original version which is a standard pillow offers the best value and is highly rated by customers. For a few pounds more you can choose to upgrade and order the memory foam version. This is the latest update and has proved to be very popular.