Snap iPhone 5 Case Review

Snap iPhone 5 CaseIf you are anything like us, your iPhone 5 is as precious as a new born baby. So naturally your going to need a mobile phone case that you can be sure will help look after and keep your social life support machine switched on and working at all times!

The best way to do this is by treating your iPhone to a snap case. Made from military grade protective material, the Snap iPhone 5 Case will make sure that if you do drop or bump your handset, it wont be game over.

Along with adding protection it also looks rather neat as well. It gets better though as the smart people who designed this case have also added a curled stand which makes viewing videos and other stuff on your iPhone an enjoyable one.

Snap iPhone 5 Case available colour combinations

  • Black / Grey
  • Blue / Green
  • Grey Blue
  • Pink / Red