Shit Box Review

Shit BoxNow you might be sat thinking hey this is a site which reviews gifts, so whys the Shit Box on here?. Well if I am honest I said the same thing, but after a chat here in the office it soon came to light that most festival and camping types would be pleased to receive this as a gift. Well if you have seen the toilets at some festivals (bloody awful) you will get what we mean!

Onto the box then! Made from lightweight cardboard, the Shit Box allows you to do your business anytime and in almost any place!

Inside the box you simply attach one of the supplied poo bags which collect your efforts. This can then be disposed of at a later date!

The Shit box is reusable, so once done with can be folded up and put back in the supplied carry case. Also included is 10 poo bags and a packet of tissues!