Scientific Spice Rack Review

Scientific Spice RackSpicing up the look of your kitchen and at the same time enhancing the food you cook has just entered a whole new amazing world thanks to this Scientific Spice Rack.

Included within the box are 5 test tube spice jars that fit neatly into the wooden holder provided. To get all scientific they have included 36 easy-peel and re-usable herbs and spices labels to make sure you can find the spice you want without fuss.

To suit your colour choice you can opt from the lime colour test tube silicone stoppers as seen in the photo or why not choose the dark purple option.

This would make a great gift for science teachers and students or anyone else really that appreciates great design and wants a change from boring everyday spice racks. You could say they whoever you buy this for will be in their element. (sorry thats bad!)