RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener Review

RazorPit Razor Blade SharpenerMost men will agree that the results a wet shave give simply cant compare to other methods, but as we all know it never takes very long for shaving blades to become less effective and even stop giving a half decent shave.

The thing is when this happens it’s not because the blades have come to the end of their life, it’s simply because they become clogged with nasties like dead skin, hair and what have you!

This then is where the RazorPit Razor Blade sharpener comes into force. By simply taking your razor and moving it up and down on the RazorPit block, this will work it’s magic to clean and revive your shaving blade to just like new condition.

So now not only can you continue to get a great close shave, but the savings are going to stack up rather fast as you wont need to keep replacing blades as often.

People who have ordered this have been giving great feedback and it’s reported many have said they’ve been able to reuse their razor over 150 times!

The RazorPit Sharpener is compatible with most major and also not so well known razor brands. A full and updated list can be seen before buying.