Postcode Puzzles Review

Postcode PuzzlesWhen you think of Jigsaw Puzzles, like us you might be thinking about someone similar to Roy Cropper from Coronation Street sitting down on a Sunday afternoon watching the rain hitting the window while completing a random puzzle.

The Postcode Puzzles have however have taken the above statement and made them cool.

You can choose from two options to make these Jigsaws simply great. The fist option is the slightly cheaper one and that’s a puzzle which comes in a number of options relating to the centre of London area. This can be in street map form, Ariel view or even Victorian London.

The real personalised option though and the better one we have to say is this. When ordering simply supply any UK postcode and using the same view you get using Google maps, you can see a real life photo which has been taken from space of your chosen area. This will then be printed onto the jigsaw puzzle ready to be completed.