Portable Notebook BBQ Grill Review

Portable Notebook BBQ GrillA good BBQ tastes best when it’s away from home. Be it at a music festival, camping trip or enjoying the one week of sunshine we get a year at the beach. Thing is though our BBQs from home are huge and would take up all the boot space in even the biggest of family cars.

Before we would stock up on those foil tray one time use cooking tins, which if we are honest are rubbish and the charcoal seems to burn out before our burgers are ready for human consumption!

Forget all that though and invest in one of these Notebook BBQ Grills. For the same price as few disposable BBQs this one will last you for years to come and has plenty of room too cook a good amount of meat or whatever you fancy this summer.

When you are ready to cook you simply unfold the grill and within a matter of seconds, once coal has been added you are ready to light her up!

The construction is made from high quality painted steel and has been designed so it wont rust and start to look tatty.

We bought one of these Portable Notebook BBQs a while back and have to say it made our last camping trip so much more fun. After around 15 or so uses now it still looks great and nothing has yet to fall off! Trust me that is saying good things as I personally tend to break most things I touch within a matter of minutes!