Pop-Up Diamond Candles Review

Pop-Up Diamond CandlesBuying your other half or friend a candle tends to be always a safe bet they will be they will pleased with their gift, but buy them one of these Pop-Up Diamond Candles and you might just be giving one of the best presents of their lives.

The reason for this is rather simple. First of all whatever happens you get a great quality candle which will provide hours of burning pleasure. The best part is though is  that 1 in 50 of these candles made have had a diamond enclosed within.

The Pop-Up Diamond candles come in 2 sizes which are small or large and this will dictate how big your diamond is if you are lucky enough to be greeted with one.

  • The Small candle

If you find a Diamond in one of these it will be 0.15 carat with an approx value of £500. Burning time lasts for around 20 hours.

  • The Large Candle

This will provide a bigger candle with around 60 hours burning time and could contain an even bigger diamond! If found it will be 0.25 carat with an approx value of around £1000.

Both sizes of The Pop Up Diamond Candle are available in a large choice of scents & colours depending on the taste of who your buying for. The current choice is…

  • BooBlop – Green
  • FigShebam – Purple
  • RicePow – Blue
  • WizzNadine – Pink
  • WoodZip – Orange

The last few notes we should add are that all diamonds have been obtained in compliance with UN resolutions. All diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources, so all we can add is good luck and remember us if you do score one of these gems 🙂