Personalised Pork Pie Review

Lets be honest from the start and say that giving someone a normal pork pie as a gift really isn’t done thing, but give them one of these over sized personalised porkies and they will thank for a long time. This is mainly due to the fact that because of it’s massive size it will take the recipient an awful long time to eat!

With a 25cm diameter and weighing in at a rather large 3KG, this personalised pork pie will look great at any party table or picnic.

The great size of this pork pie is only the start of the goodness though because to make it even more special you can choose any name or words you desire to be mouleded on the top of the pasty. Coming up with word ideas should not be too hard a task as you have a max limit of 25 characters, so you can be really creative on what you have to say.

Each pie is lovingly made by the finest human hands, so no robots or machines are involved which means only the highest quality finish is to be expected.

Once ready you will be contacted to arrange delivery that is best to suit you.

This has to be the ultimate gift for those who love both Pork & Pies!