Obsessive Chef Chopping Board Review

In the world their are many people who are just like the rather ace James May from Top Gear who like things to be just right! So why should chopping fruit and veg in the kitchen be any different?

Well good news because Fred The Obsessive Chef Chopping Board has now come to the rescue to help everyone get over those tricky kitchen OCD issues.

Just like normal you firstly get a regular chopping board, but this ones been tweaked in more ways than one. Firstly it’s been made from the highest quality beech wood which is not only strong and going to last, but also built in is natural anti-bacterial properties which will avoid any nasty food related bugs.

The next part though is where the Fred Obsessive Chopping Board goes off the rails (in a good way) This is because it’s had lines and numbers engraved in to it which will allow you to chop and dice to near mm perfection. It’s worth noting that these have been done to precise measurements, so are going be perfect!

the chopping board is a good usable size too. Length ways it measures 29cm and is 23cm wide. The overall depth is around 1.5cm.