MyCuppa Mugs Review

MyCuppa MugsWho can say no to a nice hot steamy cup of tea or coffee? Not us that’s for sure and as we all know a cuppa tastes so much nicer when someone else has got up and made it! Sadly though with this comes another problem and that’s in the form of them making your brew to the exact same winning formula you love.

Good news though as with the MyCuppa mugs this is no longer a problem. Using a paint colour chart like system which is printed on your mug, you can state to the brew maker your requirements which will ensure you get a drink that is fit enough for you to drink.

The My Cuppa mugs which are made by the good people at Suck UK and come in Tea or Coffee versions, plus they are 100% dishwasher safe.

All we need now is someone to speak up and volunteer to make a brew. That is a hint BTW as this sadly does not happen in our office that much!