My Monopoly Review

Monopoly has been a family board game hit for years now and it is almost impossible to find any adult who has yet to sit down and try their luck playing this game.

The personalised my Monopoly is similar to the original game, however this version is so much better because quite simply its all about you or whoever you choose. Once ordered you can log on and choose all your options including renaming spaces and even putting whatever name or text you feel like in the middle of the Monopoly Board.

Once you have selected all your edits, the details are sent off to the same factory that makes the original game and within 4 weeks they will print your custom My Monopoly.

Along with choosing new names you can also pick 1 of 4 board themes. The current options for these include…

  • Happy Birthday
  • Christmas theme
  • Wedding
  • New Home

Once your new My Monopoly is ready you will receive an email to let you know when to expect delivery. To make this gift even more special all the contents come packaged in a metal tin which not only looks great, but will also keep this special gift in top condition.