Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner Review

Lomography Smartphone Film ScannerOnce upon a time when taking photos we had to use this stuff called film which sat inside our cameras and in all honestly it was a real pain! Luckily it all went digital and using this tricky stuff is a thing of the past. The problem now is many of us have hundreds if not thousands of old photos which could do with being taken into 2013.

Using this new bit of kit called quite simply the Lomography Smartphone film scanner, you can dig out all your old photo negatives and using this device scan them and turn them into usable digital photo files just like if you had used a digital camera.

This then allows you to send them via email, upload them to social networking sites like Facebook or even use an online photo printing service to order further prints.

The Lomography is 100% portable and is compatible with all 35mm film stock. It will also work with most smartphones including the Apple iPhone and Android devices.

Included within the price is the free Lomography mobile phone App which makes working the device really simple. It also allows you to do much more with your photos like create slideshows, movies and panoramas in a few simple steps.