Kelsyus Floating Hammock Review

Kelsyus Floating HammockAlmost nothing beats getting away from the nasty British weather by heading to a warm and sunny destination. Good chances are that when you arrive a swimming pool will be near by so you are going to need a comfy and well built floatation device to help you soak up that much needed sun!

The good news is this can happen when you take the Kelsyus Floating Hammock with you.

Made from a soft mesh fabric means you will be kept cool and the great design means it is so much more of a joy to relax in the pool with than one those normal floating lilo type beds that always seem to scratch your skin!

Pumping up and also deflating the hammock when you are finished has been made really simple. This is all thanks to the patented jet valve which does all the hard work for you. In short it means you will be in the pool in a matter of minutes.

For easy transport the hammock folds into a 19 inch disc which makes storing and putting in your luggage ready for heading back home simple.