Karoto Peeler Review

Karoto PeelerLooking like something you would pull out of an over sized pencil case, the Karoto Peeler is a funky looking kitchen tool that will look great sat out on display, but it will also come in rather handy too.

Designed for making carrots look good and ready to eat, the Karoto will also work it’s magic on most other types of veg.

At one end it features a sharp peeler that works like most others, but the real reason you will want this is it’s other built in feature which as you can see looks just like a pencil sharpener!

Just like a pencil you simply insert your carrot into the Karoto peeler and with a few short turns it will produce shavings of carrots.

It’s great for jazzing upĀ saladsĀ and meal times and may help kids eat their veg!