Instagram Prints Review

Instagram PrintsTaking photos on our Smartphones has become the norm for many and the use of sites like Instagram has grown rapidly over the years. Now we are one of the biggest fans of these services, however sadly people don’t tend to bother getting their photos printed anymore.

Well thanks to the Instagram photo printing package that is about to change. Set up by the good people at Firebox, you can opt for either the 12 or 24 photo prints package.

The service is rather clever and works like so. At the time of ordering you choose how many prints you want, select your chosen photos using the options on site and within a few days your photos will arrive in printed form ready to share with friends / family or stick them in an album just like the good old days!

That’s not all though as with each order you get a free Sharpie pen, just like the one David Beckham sported on those adverts a while back!