Hug A Mug Review

Hug A Mug

Warming up your hands on a freezing cold day using a steaming hot mug of tea, coffee or whatever you fancy sounds like a great idea, but sadly most normal mugs have the nasty habit of being almost hotter than the surface of the sun!

Dont give up trying to get warm just yet as some cleaver sole has come up with the answer and named it the Hug A Mug!

The secret (if we can call it that) is to do with the Hug A Mugs insulated walls. In short it keeps the contents of your drink hotter for longer, but lets just enough heat hit the outside of the mug to give you a warming feeling on your hands.

The Hug A Mug can be placed in the microwave and for haters of washing up it’s also dishwasher safe too!