Hamburger Sweater Review

Hamburger SweaterIn our entire lifetime we, for one second cannot remember a single moment when we’ve said an item of clothing looks good enough to eat. This statement however is now void as the Hamburger Sweater we think looks rather tasty!

Made from 100% Polyester and 0% horsemeat, this sweater has been designed to look and feel great for a lot of washes to come. To avoid fading and quality decline, the beef burger image is printed using high quality products that will ensure your sweater always continues to look it’s best. This will make a great gift for those who love their grub or anyone that likes to make a statement using what they wear!

The Hamburger Sweater comes in all sizes including small, medium and large. So now everyone can join in and wear what they eat!

Fat Fighters members don’t forget that it’s also fat and calorie free so with this in mind you can have twice as much!