Grippy Pad Review

Grippy Pad

Sales of smartphones and tablets like the iPad have been growing at a face pace and it’s hard to find someone who is yet own one of these. So when the details of this little gizmo was sent our way we had to take a closer look.

Named the Grippy Pad for reeasons that will be become clear, this slab of silicone like material will hold gadgets like the iPhone on car dashboards and other surfaces.

When designing the Grippy Pad the makers made sure that it will be resistant to water and high temperatures along with sunlight too. This means that it wont start to break down and stop doing the job it was created to do.

The Grippy Pad has been selling at a fast rate in 2012 and is set to continue into 2013. We think that for only a few £s this is a gift that will prove to be popular.