Giant Connect 4 Review

Giant Connect 4

Don’t panic! Your computer screen hasn’t gone funny, instead you really are looking at an enlarged version of the popular game Connect 4.

Standing at an impressive height of 1.1m, The Giant Connect 4 is a great game that’s perfect for sunny afternoons in the garden and will a make a great talking point at any party or family get together. A major plus we love is the fact it’s British summer proof so in a few short moves the Giant Connect 4 can be packed up and easily moved inside so the games can go on.

Most of us have, but if you’ve not yet been introduced to the world of connect 4 here is a quick guide to the rules. The aim is simple and that’s to line up 4 of your either red or yellow pieces before your opposition.

Looks like size really does matter when it comes to the Giant Connect 4!