First Class Dad Mug Review

First Class Dad Mug

Dads are great that’s a fact, but on top of his everyday tasks like going to work and being head of the house he still finds the time to do even more. For some it might just be a person to chat with or he might be the sort that lends you a few £ to get you by till pay day.

The First Class Dad mug is one of those gifts that spell out exactly how you feel and at the same time he has a new tool to drink tea or coffee from!

Perfect for a Fathers Day gift, birthday or simply any time you want to show how much you love your dad. The mug comes boxed in a stylish gift box and the great news is The First Class Dad Mug is dishwasher safe.

Tested by us. Personally I bought this for my dad about 2 years ago and after being used daily the stamp on the front has not faded and the who mug still looks great.

Also available is the First Class Mum Mug