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Firebox mystery box 2021 – What’s inside?

Review + details

You know how it is. You ask that special someone what they want for their Birthday or Christmas and they turn around and say I don’t know or worse they just say um, nothing! Both it’s fair to say are as much help to us as a chocolate teapot!

Well now put all that nonsense to one side and take a look at this package from the cool people at Simply named the Mystery Box, this gift idea simply takes the stress and hassle out of choosing what to buy.

Simply choose the type of box that the recipient would like best from the list below and the good guys at firebox will choose a number of random products from their warehouse. They will then be boxed up and delivered to you or whoever you choose.

A brand new Father’s Day box is also available for 2021.

Firebox Isolation Mystery Box
Whilst the Coronavirus aka Covid-19 and the lock down have made life hell for all of us we can confirm that some good has come from it! have released a limited edition mystery box that contains £60.00 worth of the latest goodies but is priced at just £39.99!

Current range of mystery boxes available

Firebox mystery Boxes FAQs

We’ve had lots of people asking questions about these awesome gift boxes, so have answered the most popular ones below.

How many items are in each box?
A minimum of 3 items will be included per box order.

What is the total contents value
Firebox have said that each Mystery box contains at least the same value of goods or in many cases higher than if you were to log on and buy them individually. Many customers we have spoken too have said that the contents well exceeded the website value. So ordering a mystery box could prove to be worth while if you want a bargain!

What’s the catch – will it just be filled with old stock?
No! have been around long enough to know that customers won’t stand for being fobbed off. Inside these boxes are only the latest and best products from their site. Firebox wont want to risk their good name by just sending out older stock other customers have not wanted!

Firebox Mystery Box