Drinking Fudge Review

Drinking FudgeA nice hot drink for many is the perfect way to take a break and chill out. While tea and coffee is great, sometimes a change is needed.

To take this place is a new range which is called drinking fudge. As you can imagine just from the name you know this stuff is going to taste great and we can confirm it does!

Inside the neat looking box is 6 options to choose from.

  • Moreish Mint
  • Tangy Orange
  • Dreamy Coconut
  • Gorgeous Ginger
  • Classic Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha Choca Madness

Making your drinking fudge cuppa is easy too. For best results add some fresh milk to a mug and microwave for 30 seconds. Add your sachet, stir and heat further if required. This is how we did ours and it tasted rather lush. So good in fact we had to hide the rest of the box as it was tempting to try them all in one go!