Crystal Head Vodka Review

Crystal Head VodkaLooking for a great fail safe gift? Vodka for many tends to always be a winner, but give them the Crystal Head Vodka and things get even better!

This award winning product is the creation of the one and only Dan Aykroyd (you know from ghostbusters) and artist John Alexander. From just looking at it you have to admit it looks rather ace, but good looks are only the start of how good this is.

First of all the bottle, which has been shaped to look just like a human skull has been made from top quality glass. This we have to say looks stunning when you see it up close in real life.

That is all well and good we hear you say, but It’s the Vodka inside that is more important. This is true and in the past some gifts like this tend to include not so great contents. The good news is that the Crystal Head Vodka doesn’t follow them in anyway. This is because the Vodka inside the glass skull is quadrupled distilled Canadian vodka and when you sample this you can be sure it’s some of, if not the best vodka you have ever tasted.

It’s the gift that continues to keep on giving. Once the contents of the Crystal Head vodka have been consumed you can refill the bottle with whatever tipple you fancy.

Each Crystal Head Vodka contains 700ml of Vodka perfection!