Corkcicle Review

CorkcicleYou don’t need to be Jilly Goolden to know that wine only tastes good when chilled. So the obvious option is to stick it in the fridge for a few hours before drinking. This is great, but the moment it’s removed it starts to warm up, so a solution needed to be invented.

The Corkcicle has two jobs really. The most important is the ice like stick which gets to work chilling the good stuff. The cork part is just like normal and keeps the precious contents of the bottle fresh and from spilling.

It’s a simple and hassle free answer to great chilled and tasting wine every time.

So now the ice bucket might be looking for a new job, but at least it adds a great touch and the Corkcicle is sure to be a talking point at any party.

Just to add for our younger readers, Jilly Goolden is a wine expert who used to be on the TV many years ago. God we feel old. (Sorry, Jilly if you are reading this!)