Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug Review

Contigo Autoseal Travel MugBeing able to take a hot drink out with you in the winter or a cool one in the summer sounds like a great idea, but as we all know many travel mugs have the nasty habit of leaking all over the show. While many other mugs don’t, this new breed called the Contigo Autoseal knows how to behave!

The Contigo is different in many ways. Firstly its BPA free so you have no worries in that department, but thanks to the patented design these mugs are also 100% spill and leak proof.

As you can see from the photo, taking a sip or to simply release the contents inside is as simple as pushing a button. Once this has been released, the Autoseal technology will seal the unit again so you can put it back in your bag without the fear of leaks.

Along with keeping your drink safe, it also keeps it at the perfect temperature. Hot drinks will stay nice and warm for around 4 hours while cold ones cool for around 12 hours.

The Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug comes in a 5 great colours being.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Raspberry
  • Silver
  • Blue

Perfect for outdoors types or those on the road and hate service station prices, the Contigo is set to make life that little bit better!