Colossal 11kg Gummi Bear Review

Colossal 11kg Gummi Bear

When we added the Giant Gummi Bear to the Gift Reviews website a while ago we thought that was big, but this brand new exclusive Firebox 11kg version named the Colossal really is out of this world!

Handmade with love in the USA, This is the biggest version to date of the Gummi Bear range and until you see it in the flesh you cant imagine how big this is!

The facts surrounding the Colossal bear are shocking if we are honest. Firstly it weighs or should that be thumps in at a mega 11kg and contains 32,000 calories. Fact fans will also be pleased to learn that crammed inside this version is 7280 normal sized gummy sweets. So plenty to munch on for the future months ahead we think.

That’s not all though. Inside his belly is a built in bowl that will house 1 litre of whatever you fancy. This could be yet more sweet treats or a phone number for the dentist!

The Colossal Gummi Bear is available in 3 tasty flavours. These include Red Cheery, Blue Raspberry or Fruity Bubblegum flavour.