Chocolate Pizza Review

Chocolate PizzaThis is not a regular pizza with chocolate just dotted on top, it is in fact a 100% slab of chocolate which is shaped to look like a pizza!

Made from some of the best Belgian chocolate known to man (& women!), this is the ultimate treat for lets face it anyone who loves the sweet taste of choccy and boy it’s big!

Whats in this beast then? Well the base is made from solid chocolate which includes honeycomb like balls dotted within it. Then on top they have finished things off with chocolate shavings, smarties and a white chocolate star. It’s even pre cut ready to dig in and pig out!

A great idea that we love for the chocolate pizza is to buy one as an alternative to birthday cake. How you stick a candle in it though is another question, but one that could be done we reckon if you sit and study it for a moment.