Camper Van Birdhouse Review

Camper Van BirdhouseA week never goes by when a nature expert appears on the news saying we should help our garden birds by leaving fresh water and food for them to feast on. Also on this list is a Birdhouse, but unlike the norm, this Camper Van version is their idea of 5 star living!

Not only does this thing look great and look miles better then a plain old wooden box, the Camper Van Birdhouse has been made from high quality and super strong cast resin. So it can be cleaned really easily and is going to last miles longer, even when the great British weather decides to throw snow and rain at it!

So why not treat the birds and make your garden look cooler than next doors!

The Camper Van Bird house comes with a string attached to the roof so you can put it in a tree or hang it up wherever the mood takes you.