Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kits Review

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making KitsMaking your own Beer from home sounds like a fun idea, but in the past many brew kits have made this task a real chore. Even then if you did manage to get it to work, chances are the end result tasted like dirty dish water!

Thankfully times have now changed and this is thanks to the range of home brew beer kits from the Brooklyn Beer Brew Shop.

Including all the equipment needed to start your own home brewery, the Brooklyn beer kits make the task of brewing your own perfect pint or 50 really simple! Even better it comes with full instructions and all the ingredients needed to get you well under way to the end result of the perfect pint.

The Brooklyn Brew Kits are available in 3 tasty flavours

  • Chestnut Brown Ale
  • Chocolate Maple Porter
  • Everyday IPA

Once you have used up the first lot of ingredients it’s good to know that new ones can be ordered from a huge selection of highstreet and internet retailers.

So this weekend why not skip the home improvements DIY and have a go at BIY instead. That’s Brew It Yourself ! It’s gotta be more fun than waving a paint brush around!