Bluetooth Gloves Review

Bluetooth Gloves

With almost all of us permanently clutching our smartphones and at the same time having to brave the great British weather freezing cold weather!, it’s been a long time coming for something as genius as the Bluetooth Gloves to come along and save the day.

Firstly before we get into full details we should say as gloves themselves these are really well made and will keep even the coldest of fingers warm.

Looking at the technology side of the Bluetooth Gloves they in short allow you to make / receive calls and even use the touch screen of your phone without damaging it. All this without having to keep removing your gloves!

The Gloves will work with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone handset and without fuss will wirelessly synch with your device in a matter of seconds. Communicating is made easy because integrated within is a microphone and speaker located in the ends of the little finger and thumb part of the gloves. This means that when out in the cold you can keep in touch without taking your phone out of your pocket!

Power for these gloves comes from a built in battery that you charge via USB from either a computer or using an adaptor. A good range is expected as in good conditions you should be able to communicate from up to 12 metres away.

The Bluetooth Gloves come in both mens and womens styles and you can choose between either grey or black colours.