Bilibo Review


How many times have you bought a gift for a little one only to find they like the box your great gift idea came in more than the gift itself?

The Bilibo is a toy unlike no other as it has no rules or instructions on what it’s meant to be used for. Ok so you might be thinking well what’s the point, but when you think a bit deeper it makes sense. This round bowl like thing has been designed to allow children to make up their own uses of how to get maximum fun from their new toy!

To test the Bilibo out we needed more than a description to read. So I personally ordered one from firebox for my nephews 3rd Birthday not only to review it for the Gift Reviews site, but more that I honestly loved the idea behind this toy.

Praise where it’s due I should quickly say that I ordered the Bilibo mid afternoon and it arrived the next day. So hats off to firebox for this. OK on with the review!

When he first opened the box and started to take in his new red friend aka The Bilibo! The fun and joy started. The first thing he did was to sit inside and start to spin himself around.
About a week later we had a good dusting of snow and his parents took him out and the Bilbo came along for this. As you might guess he used this to sit in and moved around on the snow a lot like a sledge.

A few weeks have now passed and on regular chats with family members the uses on what he comes up with are unthinkable. Without listing them all as the page will stretch a long way down, but here are a couple of new things he has come up with.

The funniest is making his much younger brother sit in while he’s attached some rope. As you can guess he’s now pulling him along the floor while a lot of laughing is going on. The other thing the Bilbo gets used for is step stool to reach things.

Their are so many other uses and it’s hard to get across in words how this toy will entertain both you and the little one you are buying from.

The Bilibo is made from 100% recyclable polyethylene and is super strong so can be used both indoors and outside. A quick note to add is that as time has moved on this neat toy has picked up some quite highly ranked awards and we expect more to follow.

Bilibo Colour options

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange

So on final thoughts if you are looking for a gift that is not the norm and is great fun at the same time, why not consider buying a Bilibo?