AnyGlove Review

AnyGloveFor most months of the year it’s a smart move to wear gloves when trapped here in the UK! The problem comes though when your mobile phone rings or beeps. This is because as we all know you cant use a¬†touchscreen¬†while wearing any fabric based hand warmers due to the loss of contact from your finger to the screen itself!

That was a fact until now however. With AnyGlove you can leave your gloves on because due to the smart liquid locked away in this bottle all the above has been put into the history books.

All you need do is open the bottle, apply a drop of AnyGlove to your gloves finger end and once dry it will provide the missing link which used to stop your phone working while wearing mittens! Each bottle contains around 550 drops. This allows you to treat a good number of gloves or top up your existing pair!

AnyGlove works with all touch screens including mobile phones and tablets like the iPad.