22 Carat Vodka Review

22 Carat VodkaWhen it comes to gift ideas both Gold and Vodka for many is a done deal winner. So how about giving someone the best of both? Well with the 22 Carat Vodka you can do just that.

Firstly to create this special gift the makers have found and used what can only be described as the best looking glass drinks bottle we have seen. With this task done they have then filled it with the finest pink German vodka.

If all this wasn’t enough they have then taken real 22 carat gold leaf flakes and dropped quite a good helping inside the bottle. We should note that this is 100% safe to drink and looks great when floating inside!

The overall size of the Diamond shaped Glass Bottle is a not to shabby size and holds 500ml of Blood Orange colour Vodka which includes a great looking glass stopper.